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    Post  commish on Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:30 pm

    After playing madden around 50 times online on all pro level it became more and more obvious that you could run the same play over and over without the cpu defenders doing anything to stop it. Running slants when the defense was in man coverage was a money play. It didn't matter whether the corner was revis or a rookie. Slants vs. man coverage was a money play.

    So for that reason I decided to start an online league on all madden level. I'm willing to accept that there are unrealistic things that occur on all madden level but the unrealistic things that occur on all pro level are worse.

    If you're interested in playing on all madden level then you;ve joined the right league. This is a sim league for dedicated madden gamers. We will advance twice a week every Tuesday and Friday at midnight eastern time.

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