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    Packers Trade Block Empty Packers Trade Block

    Post  DeathByEagle on Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:30 am

    Here are the players I will consider trading from the Packers

    HB- Grant 82 ovr
    WR- Driver 84 ovr
    TE- Quarless 68 ovr

    MLB- Bishop 82 ovr
    OLB- Walden 72 ovr
    OLB- Zomba 70 ovr

    Any Dline is avaialble

    CB- Woodson 93 ovr
    SS- Peprah 77 ovr
    CBs- Lee 68, Bush 67, House 64

    Im looking for just any player in any postion that cths my eye, low or high ovr.

    Just a side note, Ive been in online leagues since 2002, Im a very fair guy when it come to trading, no lopsided offers please. If intrested in any of these players send me a Private msg or Im on yahoo IM alot with my other leagues, YIM is deathbyeagle

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